Slideshow of photos from my trip to Austin


I visited Austin, TX from March 12-16, and I made a slideshow of photos from my trip. Enjoy! 🙂


Heartburn from Oatmeal?

I’ve been getting horrible heartburn every day. It usually happens after I eat oatmeal. Since I’ve been trying to save money by taking pre-made homemade packets of quick oats to work for breakfast and lunch, I’ve been getting serious heartburn. I’m not a heartburn-y kind of person, but dang.


Trying to narrow down the cause

I’ve been having the coffee at work every morning and it’s really strong, and my co-workers have told me that it gives them heartburn, so I thought it was the coffee. So this morning, I brought my frozen coffee to work, had my oatmeal, and got heartburn again.


I’ve never ever had to buy TUMS, and I had to go get some.


So, I’m thinking maybe it was the frozen coffee I had in combination with the oatmeal.


Then, I googled it and found all kinds of stuff. Someone said “well, don’t put hot sauce in your oatmeal.” Well, good tip, I’ll just keep that in mind next time, hah. I also read that cinnamon can cause heartburn, and I’ve been liberally sprinkling cinnamon in my oatmeal. Maybe that’s it.


Either way, I’m going to try a different breakfast tomorrow morning with my coffee, because I need coffee in the morning. Then I’ll try some gross plain oatmeal for lunch, and see what happens.


Have you ever gotten heartburn from eating oatmeal?  

Do you have any ideas what could be causing it? Aside from adding invisible hot sauce? Hah.

Kefir has helped

I receive weekly newsletters from Jon Gabriel, who wrote The Gabriel Method, and last Sunday, I happened to check my email and saw a newsletter from him that said there would be a live-streaming interview with Donna Gates, and it was happening in 30 minutes. And I thought, “oh perfect! I can listen in.” so I did and I liked it. She talked about her book The Body Ecology Diet, and about candida, and how important it is to have a healthy internal ecology, meaning the healthy bacteria.

This got me thinking that maybe I have candida, but after I did more research, I realized I didn’t but I do believe that the Body Ecology Diet would help me.

So I bought some good quality organic kefir and good Greek yogurt, and two cans of super yummy coconut water. MMM.

I had some of the kefir the next morning and it made me feel better. I can’t believe it.

Since then, I’m not craving sugar as much, I’m craving salty healthy stuff.

Like last night, my friend Erica and I went to a coffee shop to study together and then decided to stop at a favorite nearby restaurant because we were hungry and had some really healthy food. We got an appetizer of soft goat cheese, small pieces of baguette, gourmet olives, and cinnamon nut mix. It was SO GOOD. I couldn’t get enough of the olives, which is weird because I’m really not an olive person. I think there must have been something in it that my body needed. After we had dinner of mac and cheese with a side of mixed green salad, we ordered dessert because it was a favorite restaurant and they have amazing desserts. Erica got a fudgy gluten-free chocolate cake, which was so rich! And I got a chocolate cheesecake. I could only eat three bites! And then I wanted the olives! I finished off those olives. I can’t believe it. My body is changing.

I had some more kefir for breakfast this morning and I’m noticing I just don’t crave sweets as much. Before I started with the kefir, I was drinking 3 coke zeros a day. Today, I’m half-done with my first one and it’s been open for over an hour.

Questions for you~ 

Has kefir helped you?
Have you changed your diet in a way that has helped you? How?

Food Doesn’t Help

Sometimes I struggle with what to write because I don’t want to write too much, but I’m just going to be myself. 🙂

I’m an emotional eater.

That’s why I’m overweight.

I’ve been really stressed out for a little while recently, and it’s showing in my weight. I know I’ve gained a few pounds. I’ve been scared to go to the gym and step on the scale, so I don’t know how much I’ve gained, but I’m guessing it is 3-5 pounds or so.

I’ve been stressed because I’ve found that something that I thought was a certain way actually isn’t that way at all and it was pretty shocking and hurtful. On top of that, I’ve been working really hard but I’m really working hard to maintain my workload because I don’t want to get behind. But because of that, I’m behind on school work and reading, and I just feel really alone in the world. This is not a good place for an emotional eater.

In times like these, there are a few things that I try to keep in mind.

1) Food Doesn’t Help.
What is it that is bothering me? If I take the time to pinpoint it, I could google it and see if there’s a life coach video that talks about how to deal with it. But it hurts to sit and wallow in it, when I could do something to distract myself… like have some chips. Should I just have some fizzy water with ice? These are the thoughts that go through my head when I turn to food, but at least it’s a step in a healthier direction. The problem though, is that I don’t want to feel bad, I don’t want to sit and feel bad/hurt while I try to figure out the underlying reason why I feel that way. I think this is the root of emotional eating.

2) Is there a way I can use my brain to turn this around?
This thing I’m upset about, alright, there has to be someone who has gone through it and dealt with it without turning to food. How? Should I google it? LOL. I google everything. It helps 🙂

3) So how did I get this coping mechanism? I don’t know.

I think working through it and overcoming it means that I have to feel bad when I feel bad, and work through it.

Eating, as a person who is trying to lose weight knows well, will only make things worse. It will make it harder to lose weight. It won’t help. It’s a double-whammy.

I think that knowing I’m not the only one who feels sad and alone, worried about money, worried about my job, stressed about doing badly in school, horrified about being fat, having not many friends because I spend all my time working etc, being almost 30 and having no boyfriend…. knowing that I’m not the only person going through these things helps. There are entire TV shows about people who are going through these things.

I think I just need to focus on what’s good in my life.

Focus on what I want to do to be healthier. Do things that are good for me, that are nourishing in the truest sense, like going to the gym, making a meal plan of healthy well-balanced, calorie-appropriate food, and drinking lots of water. Being good to myself helps.

I realized today as I was cooking dinner — it’s guaranteed that I’m going to be hurt again in my life. I can’t avoid it; no one can. I certainly don’t want to function based on a wacked-out coping mechanism that will only make me fat. So if someone says something nasty and mean to me, I’ll just remember that they are showing the negativity in themselves. If I have done something inadvertently to garner that reaction from them, I can reflect on it and not do it again in the future. Simple as that. And if what they said is unwarranted, well then that’s their problem. And I just have to surf that wave and not let it affect me.

Aaaaaaand we’re back :)

Hi Blog Friends 🙂

I’m sorry it’s been a while, but I’m so glad you all have kept checking back 🙂

I haven’t stopped blogging or forgotten to blog, I’ve just been so busy…

But some amazing things have happened!

1) This may come as a shock to some of you, but … I’m coming clean here… I had been smoking for about 6 months probably. I know, it’s so bad. How can I be wanting to be healthy while I’m doing something that’s so anti-healthy? Smoking is something that I have done because of stress. In the beginning, there is always something kind of soothing about that first cigarette. But then, you realize you go out to smoke and the problem is still there and you still have to pull something out of your life to fix it. So every time I have started, I have ended up stopping because it’s just not worth it. It’s dirty, it’s disgusting, you smell bad to other people, and it’s really expensive. I have started and stopped six times now… yes my friends. 6 times. I quit smoking for the absolute last time on Nov 23rd. It feels good. It was hell to quit because I got so sick and felt terrible while my body was detoxing, and just because of how hard it was, I will never go back to smoking ever again.

2) I visited my family for two weeks over the Thanksgiving break in Austin, TX, my favorite place and I loved every minute of it. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to share. I did take a picture of an amazing salmon dinner we had at Pappadeaux’s but I don’t want to brag…

3) I’ve been working my butt off. I really have… I worked so much in November and December, you wouldn’t believe it. But it feels good to make a lot of progress, and I want to keep that up for next year. I want to have a victory at work next year.

4) I’m getting everything ready to start a new training program! A few friends now have mentioned Jamie Eason’s training program on and I think I’m going to try it out. At first, I really wasn’t interested, but after looking into it a few times in the past few days, it sounds really great! I think I’m going to start it in the next couple weeks. More to come on that.

That’s about it!

Oh! And school 🙂 Last semester finally ended, and got A’s in both my classes! 4.0 baby!! And I signed up for  5 classes next semester. I’m really looking forward to all of them. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I like each of the subjects so I think it’ll be fun. I’m taking:

  • Intro to Archaeology
  • Painting
  • College Algebra
  • Contemporary World Issues (a History class)
  • and British Literature 2.

I’m excited 🙂

A Healthy Week

This week was the healthiest week I’ve had… maybe ever.

I planned my meals each day, kept track of how many calories I ate each day, and how much water I drank. The result?

I had a calorie deficit EACH DAY!

Yay! Well, each day except today. Today’s my birthday! My Mom and I went to Benihana and had some great sushi 🙂 I don’t think I had a calorie deficit today. Oops? It’s my birthday, so I get to splurge on yumminess.

For my birthday, I got myself a present to help me with my workouts. I got a red Polar FT7.

I LOVE this thing. It comes with a heart rate monitor chest strap, and I kept it on all day yesterday while I did a lot of activities. I was very active yesterday, and it showed I burned 2900 calories. Yeah, I did a lot. I think it takes into account my BMR, which is 1873, so on top of that I burned over 1000 calories.

Polar has a 24/7 activity monitor called FA20 and I’m considering getting that too because I don’t work out every day, and I think I want something that I can wear throughout the day that will tell me how many calories I burn. I have looked into the BodyBugg and the Fitbit, but I’m not too keen on either of them.

I felt great this week. I think I lost some weight. We’ll see in my weigh-in tomorrow.

Till then, toodles!