Quitting Coffee

i love you

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I go through periods where I love it and drink it a lot, and then times when I’m “off” it and try to stay away from it. When I am on it, I have an emotional response when I go to get some and it’s burnt or bitter, or when I think it could have been made better. Crazy I know. I got upset on Saturday because I went to Caribou and got a cappuccino and it tasted like wet dog. It was raining out, which was ironic. I kept trying to drink it because I really wanted my cappuccino, but I couldn’t. I had to throw it away.

All of the books I’ve been reading about losing weight and living healthfully say that if you’re trying to lose weight, you should stay away from coffee because of the toxins it has and the effect that caffeine has on the body (adrenal system, etc).

Since I’ve been in the throes of manic coffee love for the past few months, the thought of giving it up has been depressing. So I thought I would look up damaging/negative info about coffee and caffeine and maybe that would help.

According to this article, the “effects of caffeine withdrawal [can] be classified as a definite psychological disorder” and this article says that the results of a study showed that “those who consumed the equivalent of seven cups of coffee a day were found to be three times more likely to have hallucinatory experiences than those who consumed less than a single cup a day.”

Then I remembered a photo that I saw in National Geographic a long time ago that showed how much sludge comes out of coffee when they decaffeinate it. It was NASTY. I tried pretty hard for at least 30 minutes to find this photo so I could post it but it was NOWHERE. Like it disappeared. And then I started thinking that maybe (and this could be a coffee-induced hallucination because you know I had my coffee this morning) that maybe the coffee industry is trying to suppress that photo… like other multi-billion dollar industries like oil and tobacco that have tried to protect themselves by burying evidence that makes them look bad. Coffee is addictive, like tobacco. It doesn’t seem like it would be much of a stretch, you know? But anyway, I’m getting off track.

I’m going to quit. The hardest thing about quitting is that it’s more of a psychological addiction for me than a physical one. Just the thought of having my coffee in the morning and then having it close by during the day is really nice. I’ve quit smoking three times and it was the same way. I have the same tendency with food too, but I’ll blog about that another time.

If not for my health and to help me lose weight, when I start thinking like a conspiracy theorist, it’s time to quit. So tomorrow morning I’ll have a tea latte (caffeine-free!) and keep the ibuprofen close by.


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