Where I’m At

I made it through the day yesterday without coffee, but today by about noon I started getting a bad headache.

I’m supporting a huge youth culture festival/celebration in Chicago in a few weeks behind the scenes, so I decided it would probably be better to stop drinking coffee after that because I’ll need it while I’m there.

As far as planning meals goes, last night I forgot to make my vegan overnight oats, and so I had nothing prepared for breakfast, and there was nothing easy I could grab for lunch, so by lunch time, I had a major headache and it was beautiful out so I decided to take a break and head out for lunch to soak up the sun and enjoy the weather. I decided to drive to Chipotle and guess what is right across the street? Caribou. I got an iced mocha latte. Couldn’t help myself 😉

Between breakfast from the cafeteria and lunch at Chipotle and a latte from Caribou, I’m probably maxed out on calories for the day but at least I can do Jillian’s workout tonight and try to balance it out a little.

It’s been a bit of a rocky start but I’m sure the more I make these new changes a habit, the easier it will become.


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