Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy First Day of Summer! 🙂

Yesterday, I made vegan macaroni and cheese! The recipe is here from a really cute blog called Peas and Thank You. I love trying new vegan recipes, and this recipe was really fun. Thanks, Mama Pea!

almost makes me sick looking at it

Yesterday on the way home, I stopped at a great co-op called The Wedge, which is literally 6 blocks from where I live. It’s a great place to get local produce and anything organic, and they have a great juice/smoothie bar. I remembered this recipe, and I was in the mood to make macaroni and cheese when I got home, so I got some silken tofu made from sprouted soybeans, Earth Balance vegan margarine, Daiya shredded cheddar style vegan cheese, and I thought I would try Bionaturae gluten-free elbow macaroni because it looked interesting. Had never tried it before.

I have to admit though… when I was making it, I messed it up a little. It seems I’m having a string of recipe goof-ups lately (ahem). I was so excited about making it that I poured the whole bag of pasta in the water. It was a really small bag though so it didn’t seem like a whole pound. Maybe gluten-free pasta is heavier? Anyway, I realized I made too much when I was draining it, so as the vegan margarine was melting, I put the rest of the block of tofu in the blender and whipped it up with a little more non-dairy milk and a little more salt, pepper and mustard. I only had half the amount of Daiya cheese I needed though so it was a little more tofu-y than cheesy, but it was still good, and it’s my lunch for today too. I’m getting better at planning! 🙂

And for breakfast…

I made vegan oats and I had to try it with chocolate Amazing Grasses Superfood powder mix after I saw it on Oh She Glows. It was amazing! Look how yummy this looks:


Yes, that is sparkly tupperware 🙂 And that’s banana and a dollop of cashew butter. It was REALLY filling. I couldn’t even eat the whole thing. The Amazing Grasses powder really adds a lot of substance to it. And I have a PB & J Larabar there because I’ll be gone all day.

Just another Manic Monday…

As for this morning, right before I walked out the door to go to work, I had my laptop bag, my gym bag, and my igloo lunch cooler thingy over my shoulder and I picked up my purse, and instead of grabbing my to-go coffee mug, I knocked it over and spilled coffee everywhere! I had to drop my 40 lbs of luggage real quick so I could grab the coffee mug and stop it from spilling more coffee all over the floor. I frantically looked around for what I could use to clean it up and I noticed we were out of paper towels and napkins, so I had to go under the kitchen sink for the “dirty” sponge and clean it up like I was mopping the floor with a sponge IN MY WORK CLOTHES while trying not to step in any coffee. Hahaha! There was coffee everywhere, and it got all over my igloo lunch thingy. I’m afraid there might be remnants of sugar and half & half still on it and I hope it won’t start smelling like rotten dairy any time soon. I have to clean it really well when I get home. Thank God I won the EasyLunchSystem from priorfatgirl.com. And luckily I was able to make it to work 10 minutes early still. Phew!


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