Pilates and Exercising

I couldn’t sleep last night because I drank coffee too late, so I exercised in the hope that it would use up energy and help me go to sleep faster. So I pulled out my Pilates Body book…

…at 2am and read through a little and tried to do the first beginner’s exercise, called “The Hundred.” It’s where you lay on your back keeping your tummy pressed against your spine, pull your knees up and lift your head and shoulders up off the ground, and you put your hands out flat and try to breathe one hundred times in and out while pretending you’re lightly slapping water (imagining the surface of the water is above the mat) with your hands. You’re supposed to imagine that you’re stretching out your limbs at the same time. This is the best picture I could find of it. Sorry it’s not bigger… and that’s not a picture of me.

And it was really hard! I couldn’t even do ONE the first time I tried it and I laid there thinking “ohmygod, what the…” while trying to catch my breath. I tried a few more times but the more I tried, the easier it became to do a little more each time. I got up to 25 breaths! That blew me away.

It really made me interested to find out how much I’m capable of physically. It always seems like in my mind, I have this idea that I can’t do much, but when I actually try and put my mind to it, I’m able to do a lot more than I thought I could, and it’s a pleasant surprise, really a self-esteem booster. It’s really the negative mind-set that holds me back. So now, I really want to see how far I can go, and learn more about myself. I think that’s what will keep me challenging myself with Pilates.


2 comments on “Pilates and Exercising

  1. That is so cool! I have Ana Caban’s pilates home video from the Wedge co- op and she has the hundred as one of the moves too. It was hard for me at first, too, but the weird thing is how every time you do it, you get a little bit stronger.. And its truly amazing ti feel that kind of progress!! Just keep it up, and soon you’ll be very flexible and even toned!

    • Cool! Yeah, it’s kind of exciting. I did it again last night even though I’m a little sore, and it was a little bit easier. Even a little bit of Pilates makes a noticeable difference in how I feel through the rest of the day and I like it šŸ™‚

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