Chocolate Cashew Butter

So after I mentioned the idea for homemade chocolate cashew butter in the last post, I had to try it. I had a little bit of cashew butter left.

Looks like I stuck my finger in it, but I didn’t… honestly 😉

I was out of agave nectar, so I used raw honey. Here it is with the cocoa powder and honey added. Ignore the knife and cutting board, sorry, that’s my messy counter top.

Up close and blurry~

Here it is all mixed up–

It got really thick and kind of dry. I couldn’t get those clumps of cocoa powder to dissolve. Next time, I would definitely mix the honey and cocoa powder together first before adding it to the cashew butter. I could taste the honey a little more than I liked, so next time I would definitely use Light Agave Nectar because it’s more liquidy and not as strong. Overall, it was not bad 🙂 kind of fun and exciting to try a new recipe idea.


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