Happy September!

I’ve been walking more lately… it really helps me feel better than usual. A few days ago, my Uncle and I walked around Lake Harriet…


And yesterday, it really looked like it was going to rain, so we walked around the Mall of America. We walked all three levels, all the way around each. I was sore by the time we left.

All this walking made me reflect on how exercise generally makes me feel better, and I’m realizing that I should exercise to feel better regularly, not for the sole purpose of burning calories. I want to enjoy exercising.

Up next… Lake Nokomis! A.k.a. the one with the dinosaur.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A few weeks ago, my Mom and Uncle and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. They said we could take pictures, so I took a few but I forgot to post them. Here are my favorites, sorry some of them are crooked LOL

This is made out of marble... can you believe that?

Monet's Haystack

Van Gogh's Olive Trees

I really want to go here...


Matisse... this was my favorite painting that I saw

This is a Picasso

A Frank Lloyd Wright chair... it was surprisingly small.

A model of a Frank Lloyd Wright house

This view of downtown Minneapolis was amazing! This photo doesn't do it justice.

And a little horsie

That’s all folks! Have a great Wednesday! 🙂


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