Respect on the Road

So sorry it’s been a month since my last post. But in the past month, I picked up my new car!

I’m leasing a new 2010 Toyota Corolla. I love this car. It’s like going from a shack (my old car) to a nice updated house. Not that my old car was really a shack. I appreciated my old car a lot. It was my little trusty 🙂 It did have a lot of problems toward the end though and it was time to get a better car before the winter.

Have you ever thought of the people who drive cars differently based on the car they drive? Like if you’re on the road and a Mercedes in front of you slows down to turn, do you treat that car/person differently than you would if it’s a crappy junker? I feel like I get more respect and more consideration on the road since I started driving this new car…


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