I’ll come right out and say it.

… I’ve been smoking cigarettes… I KNOW! It’s so bad.

I’ve quit three times and I’m in the midst of quitting again. I tried to quit two weeks ago and it was so hard. I really don’t have the money to keep doing it, plus it’s so unhealthy, so I’m really seriously quitting this time. Plus if I’m going to start exercising, I’m not going to smoke. That’s just all there is to that.

On a related note, like I mentioned above, I really don’t have the money to keep smoking, and I really don’t have the money to get my hair cut now either, so I’m cutting haircuts too, but I can get my bangs trimmed, so it’s all good.

Why am I broke, you ask?

Without getting into detail, I’ll just say I’m paying something off right now and have decided to stop spending money entirely unless it’s on food (at the grocery store) or gas for my car. I read a story about a woman and her husband who were trying to get out of debt and they stopped spending money for a whole year to see how much they would save, like they would check books out of the library and go on long walks, and their quality of life went way up. They stopped arguing about money, which they would do every day, and are truly enjoying life on less money and they saved $13,000 in one year. Amazing. It’s really amazing how it seems like quality of life is better when you have more money, but I think that’s really not the case. So I’m going to try that for 8 months.

If anyone wants to go for a walk, let me know 🙂


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