Letter to Myself

Dearest Self,

It’s about time you do what you’ve wanted to do – take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think you’ve been getting too wrapped up in the tribulations of daily life, being pulled this way and that, and it’s time you stop and think about how that has been affecting you. I only say this because you’ve been talking about getting healthy for 6 years. And you’ve been miserable for way longer than that, so … it’s now or never.

I know it’s hard when you’re so busy all the time, but you know what? You are always going to be busy. Something could “come up” at any time and I’m sure there are plenty of things you could do instead of exercise.

But this is something you really want to do, right?

You just have to put yourself first. The hard fact is, if you don’t do this for yourself, it’s never going to happen. Look at the last 6 years. You have to prioritize yourself. If you do that, everything else will get a lot easier, I promise.

You know you can do it.

Warm regards~




2 comments on “Letter to Myself

  1. I have been reading your blog since day one, and you have encouraged ME to go after my dreams! Most of them are similar to yours…lose weight, get HEALTHY, make spirituality a PRIORITY, get the education I want & deserve, and much more. It’s hard! But, so worth it.

    I hope you continue and achieve all ur dreams, because six years comes too fast and you deserve this within ONE year!

    I can’t wait to hear of ur continued success!!!

    GOOOOO TIFF!!!!!!!!

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