HI! I’m back from Japan!

It was an AMAZING trip. It was my first overseas trip. I was there for a week and stayed in Shinjuku.

I took over 300 photos 🙂 Here are a few. Enjoy!

I liked this sign. The train platform was really high above the ground.

Real ramen!

and gyoza! (potstickers)

this is the outside of the ramen restaurant.

We saw Mt. Fuji! Can you see it in the distance?

bento box!

In Shinano-machi

I love these roofs

look at this! this is the drain cover. Even the sewer covers had little cherry blossoms on them.

this is the view from the 40th floor of the hotel.

a field near Saitama

another amazing bento box

and Shinjuku at night. LOVE IT 🙂

and at the airport, we went to McDonalds. Look at the menu... and their uniforms 🙂

Green Tea Kit Kats!

There's a Tiffany's at Narita Airport. Can you believe it?!? There is also a Cartier, Bulgari, Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo... wow

and to leave you with a laugh…

Have a great day!! 🙂


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