Books and exercise

I finished reading The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver on Friday… oh my gosh, such a good book.

I used to live in Arizona and the majority of the book takes place in Tucson, Arizona. I love how the author describes the desert. She describes it so well, and it took me right back. The story is heartwarming too. It’s about a young woman named Taylor Greer who decides to leave the small town in Kentucky where she grew up and give herself a new name (Taylor) and live in a new place. Two days after she leaves Kentucky, she stops in Oklahoma on the Cherokee Reservation to get a cup of coffee, and when she is getting ready to leave, a woman comes up to her car and puts a little girl in her passenger seat and then drives away. Taylor isn’t sure what to do, but the place where she got the coffee has closed, there’s no one else around, so she drives away with the little girl. The rest of the novel is about Taylor and Turtle (the little girl’s nickname, because she held onto Taylor like a mud turtle) living in Tucson, and Taylor deciding what to do. It had a great ending. I loved this book.

I was sad that it ended and I wanted to read more, and I didn’t realize there’s a sequel. I went to the library on Friday to get some books that are on my 101 in 1001 list and I found out that Pigs in Heaven is the sequel! Yay! So now I’m halfway through Pigs in Heaven.


What I noticed about this book right off the bat was I wondered if the author had gotten feedback on The Bean Trees and was told “in real life, this is what would have happened…” and addressed more real-life issues. Like Taylor Greer’s adoption of Turtle in The Bean Trees (sorry to give that away). I guess in real-life, there are tribal laws that come into play. The book is pretty good. I had to skip ahead to find out what happens in the end heehee.

Wondering why the title is “Pigs in Heaven”? It is the Cherokee name and story of the constellation Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters. The constellation is also the logo of the car Subaru, which is the name of the constellation in Japanese. Don’t ask me why I know that. The story of the “Pigs in Heaven” is told in the book. I feel like it’s a metaphor for something more, but I have yet to find out.


I had to do something after Thanksgiving. I didn’t even eat that much at dinner, but I felt like I did so I popped in my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD and got to it. I’m still sore but I feel better. 🙂 it feels good to exercise!



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