Pumpkin Muffins!

These really are the BEST pumpkin muffins. oh my god. These are so good! And so easy to make.

So my friend who introduced me to homemade chai tea, also had made some of these muffins and I was so excited to try making some. She let me borrow the cookbook~

I didn’t take pictures while making them, but here’s the end~ or what’s left of them.

And I was wondering how to get the recipe up here because I don’t like copying other people’s recipes right in (I think it’s illegal too), so I did a bing search and she’s got a blog! And her recipes are on it!

The author’s blog — http://www.theppk.com/

A link to the BEST pumpkin muffins EVER —  YUM

If you like pumpkin, you should definitely try making these. They’re so good!


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