A question for you

Hello friends!

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Minneapolis. It started off with rain, but now it’s nice!

I have a question for you about coffee. Yesterday, I was about to throw out a container of Folger’s coffee that said “Best by 04/2010” on the bottom, and was told that only coffee snobs would throw out coffee like that, because the expiration date on coffee doesn’t really matter. Do you agree with that? What’s your take on this? To me, if something is past its date, I would throw it out. Granted, it is a “best by” date and not an expiration date, but with this coffee being a year past its “best by” date, that seems way too old to me. What do you think?


2 comments on “A question for you

  1. I would have thrown it out too. Not just because it would be “bad” or be spoiled, because it probably wouldn’t be “spoiled”, but you want your coffee to taste GOOD!!

    • Thank you!! I felt like I was being called a snob when the person said it to me and I was like “hey!” LOL. Yeah, I want my coffee to taste good 🙂 Speaking of coffee, we should go to Dunn Bros sometime and catch up 🙂

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