An aversion, a barrier?

Bob Greene said, on the Oprah website (here), “We all have a natural aversion to discomfort and pain, and that’s the irony on both exercise and diet. You don’t want to give up. There’s some discomfort giving up your favorite foods,” he says. “If you’re doing exercise right, you have a level of discomfort to get results. And we are wired to avoid discomfort and seek pleasure.”

When I read this, it struck a chord and helped shed light on something I’ve been feeling but was having a hard time putting into words. When I do an exercise DVD, I feel an aversion every second and it sure feels like a barrier. It feels ironic because I’m doing something good for myself but it feels like I’m not. I think this is because we are wired to keep doing what we’ve been doing for so long, and we’re creating new pathways for the neurons in our brain when we’re creating a new healthy lifestyle. I think that’s why it’s hard to get started.

Here’s hoping the re-wiring phase will go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. If I make effort every day, I’m sure it will get easier.


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