100 Things that Make Me Happy

One of the things on my 101 in 1001 list is to make a list of 100 things that make me happy. Here it is –

  1. Fall
  2. Comfy sweaters
  3. Watching rain fall
  4. Pretty earrings
  5. Nice shoes
  6. Nice clothes
  7. Warm roasted fall vegetables
  8. Children
  9. Smiles
  10. The sound of laughter
  11. The sound of the wind blowing through birch tree leaves
  12. Personal letters in the mail
  13. Windshield wipers that work really well
  14. Music
  15. My iPod
  16. My MacBook Pro
  17. Anything Apple. I love the design and functionality.
  18. A good cup of hot tea on a cold day
  19. Swimming
  20. Hiking
  21. Being out in the wilderness and breathing clean air
  22. Seeing all the stars at night.
  23. Seeing the harvest moon
  24. Figure skating
  25. Skiing
  26. Travelling
  27. Dreaming about where I want to travel to next and figuring out how to make it happen.
  28. Seeing a good movie
  29. Bollywood movies, esp. ones with Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit
  30. Studying
  31. Listening to a great lecture in class
  32. Being a student
  33. Werther’s toffee candy
  34. Dogs
  35. Cooking meals with my family members
  36. Honeycrisp apples
  37. Wall calendars of islands and tropical beaches. It’s especially nice in the winter.
  38. Driving
  39. Getting good deals at Costco
  40. Getting the car washed
  41. Good lotion that works well and smells good
  42. Great makeup, i.e. BareMinerals
  43. Great hairdryers
  44. Great hair products
  45. Kickass apartments
  46. Cobblestone roads
  47. Beaches
  48. Beautiful sunrises
  49. Beautiful sunsets
  50. Pretty necklaces
  51. Vacuuming
  52. Organizing
  53. Playing mahjong
  54. Pretty desktop wallpaper
  55. Good heater and air conditioner in the car when it is needed
  56. City lights at night
  57. Making things out of clay on a potter’s wheel
  58. Painting
  59. Being creative and artistic in any way.
  60. Looking at all the baby clothes at Target, and Nordstrom when I shop there
  61. Creative new designs
  62. Walking around the lake when it’s nice out
  63. Laughing until my tummy hurts
  64. Dancing
  65. Having a great budgeting spreadsheet with lots of functions
  66. Paying things off / getting out of debt. It feels good to pay something off.
  67. Watching fish swim in fish tanks
  68. Decorating my apartment
  69. Putting things together
  70. Perusing library bookshelves and finding books I’m interested in
  71. Watching snow fall from the comfort of being inside.
  72. White Christmas
  73. Joyful Thanksgiving dinners
  74. Being with family
  75. L-shaped desks
  76. Technology that makes things more convenient
  77. Good smoothies
  78. A good blender that gives crushing ice a whole new meaning
  79. Food processors
  80. Iced coffee
  81. Iced tea
  82. Good juice
  83. Kombucha
  84. Making green juice at home in the juicer
  85. Great clothes that are slimming
  86. Seeing art exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  87. Seeing a play at the Guthrie Theater
  88. Going to a concert
  89. Parking in ramps
  90. Walking around malls and looking at things
  91. Eating sushi, and any kind of Japanese food
  92. Indian food, esp. good naan
  93. Trying new restaurants
  94. Reading books under a tree in a park
  95. Playing with babies
  96. Carrying/holding babies
  97. Playing with dogs
  98. Being cuddly
  99. Having a fire in the fire place
  100. Cozy blankets

Thinking about all of these things helped me have appreciation for all the things around me.


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