A Healthy Week

This week was the healthiest week I’ve had… maybe ever.

I planned my meals each day, kept track of how many calories I ate each day, and how much water I drank. The result?

I had a calorie deficit EACH DAY!

Yay! Well, each day except today. Today’s my birthday! My Mom and I went to Benihana and had some great sushi 🙂 I don’t think I had a calorie deficit today. Oops? It’s my birthday, so I get to splurge on yumminess.

For my birthday, I got myself a present to help me with my workouts. I got a red Polar FT7.

I LOVE this thing. It comes with a heart rate monitor chest strap, and I kept it on all day yesterday while I did a lot of activities. I was very active yesterday, and it showed I burned 2900 calories. Yeah, I did a lot. I think it takes into account my BMR, which is 1873, so on top of that I burned over 1000 calories.

Polar has a 24/7 activity monitor called FA20 and I’m considering getting that too because I don’t work out every day, and I think I want something that I can wear throughout the day that will tell me how many calories I burn. I have looked into the BodyBugg and the Fitbit, but I’m not too keen on either of them.

I felt great this week. I think I lost some weight. We’ll see in my weigh-in tomorrow.

Till then, toodles!


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