Kefir has helped

I receive weekly newsletters from Jon Gabriel, who wrote The Gabriel Method, and last Sunday, I happened to check my email and saw a newsletter from him that said there would be a live-streaming interview with Donna Gates, and it was happening in 30 minutes. And I thought, “oh perfect! I can listen in.” so I did and I liked it. She talked about her book The Body Ecology Diet, and about candida, and how important it is to have a healthy internal ecology, meaning the healthy bacteria.

This got me thinking that maybe I have candida, but after I did more research, I realized I didn’t but I do believe that the Body Ecology Diet would help me.

So I bought some good quality organic kefir and good Greek yogurt, and two cans of super yummy coconut water. MMM.

I had some of the kefir the next morning and it made me feel better. I can’t believe it.

Since then, I’m not craving sugar as much, I’m craving salty healthy stuff.

Like last night, my friend Erica and I went to a coffee shop to study together and then decided to stop at a favorite nearby restaurant because we were hungry and had some really healthy food. We got an appetizer of soft goat cheese, small pieces of baguette, gourmet olives, and cinnamon nut mix. It was SO GOOD. I couldn’t get enough of the olives, which is weird because I’m really not an olive person. I think there must have been something in it that my body needed. After we had dinner of mac and cheese with a side of mixed green salad, we ordered dessert because it was a favorite restaurant and they have amazing desserts. Erica got a fudgy gluten-free chocolate cake, which was so rich! And I got a chocolate cheesecake. I could only eat three bites! And then I wanted the olives! I finished off those olives. I can’t believe it. My body is changing.

I had some more kefir for breakfast this morning and I’m noticing I just don’t crave sweets as much. Before I started with the kefir, I was drinking 3 coke zeros a day. Today, I’m half-done with my first one and it’s been open for over an hour.

Questions for you~ 

Has kefir helped you?
Have you changed your diet in a way that has helped you? How?


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