Slideshow of photos from my trip to Austin


I visited Austin, TX from March 12-16, and I made a slideshow of photos from my trip. Enjoy! 🙂


Heartburn from Oatmeal?

I’ve been getting horrible heartburn every day. It usually happens after I eat oatmeal. Since I’ve been trying to save money by taking pre-made homemade packets of quick oats to work for breakfast and lunch, I’ve been getting serious heartburn. I’m not a heartburn-y kind of person, but dang.


Trying to narrow down the cause

I’ve been having the coffee at work every morning and it’s really strong, and my co-workers have told me that it gives them heartburn, so I thought it was the coffee. So this morning, I brought my frozen coffee to work, had my oatmeal, and got heartburn again.


I’ve never ever had to buy TUMS, and I had to go get some.


So, I’m thinking maybe it was the frozen coffee I had in combination with the oatmeal.


Then, I googled it and found all kinds of stuff. Someone said “well, don’t put hot sauce in your oatmeal.” Well, good tip, I’ll just keep that in mind next time, hah. I also read that cinnamon can cause heartburn, and I’ve been liberally sprinkling cinnamon in my oatmeal. Maybe that’s it.


Either way, I’m going to try a different breakfast tomorrow morning with my coffee, because I need coffee in the morning. Then I’ll try some gross plain oatmeal for lunch, and see what happens.


Have you ever gotten heartburn from eating oatmeal?  

Do you have any ideas what could be causing it? Aside from adding invisible hot sauce? Hah.