Green Juice

Good morning!

dino kale, lemon, and celery juice

I just LOVE using the juicer. It’s so fun. It’s like an experiment, I never know what it’s going to look like. Check this out–

inside the juice pitcher

I had to use up two bunches of dino kale because they were on the verge of going bad. Some of the leaves had to be thrown away.

I started by putting in the kale, then the lemon, and then the celery.

It was a little too green for me, and the lemon didn’t really cut the green-ness of the dino kale. When I was putting the dino kale in the juicer, it smelled like I was cutting the grass. Seriously. It made my whole apartment smell like freshly-cut grass. But I drank it and it didn’t make me gag, and it was surprisingly filling. I could feel that I was getting real nourishment. According to Dr. Furhman, kale has the highest nutrient density of any other vegetable. According to Natalia Rose, it’s green currency that will provide you with “life force energy” straight from the sun. It really did make me feel more energized. If only I could do a green lemonade every morning instead of coffee, I’d be good to go. I’ll have to look into that…

Just a little update…

I did Pilates two days in a row (The Hundred) but didn’t do it yesterday. I was a little sore and figured it would be good to take some time to recover. I’ve heard that taking time to recover is just as important as working out.

The cleanse is going well. I feel better, I can feel the difference.

Still drinking coffee.


Dr. Furhman’s Famous Anti-Cancer Soup

Good morning!

So because I knew that it was my last day drinking coffee, when I got home from work yesterday, I had THIS:

hugh jass iced coffee

Then I made Dr. Furhman’s Famous Anti-Cancer Soup, from his book Eat to Live. Look at this!


Looks kind of scary, but it was exciting. That’s carrot and celery juice swirled together. Kind of groovy in an Austin Powers 1960s kind of way. Or maybe that was a hallucination from the hugh jass coffee I had because I’m quitting coffee. Anyway 🙂

I don’t have the book in front of me, but the recipe basically was — warning, I’m butchering it here — you start with putting a cup of dried beans in the pot with four cups of water and let it simmer. A big mistake I made was that I didn’t check the beans at the end to make sure they were done…. and they weren’t. Then you take onions, zucchini, and leeks and clean them up really well and plop them in whole and let the whole thing simmer.

While that’s simmering, you take 5 lbs — yes 5 lbs — of carrots and juice them. I’ve juiced carrots before without peeling them and it definitely tastes different. The peel is more bitter and earthy tasting and that comes through in the juice, so I stood there and washed, trimmed, and peeled 5 lbs of carrots. It was worth it. Then, you take a whole bunch (the recipe called for 2 bunches, but I only had one) of celery and wash it. And then you juice all the carrots and celery. It was fun! I love my juicer.

And when you pour the juice in the pot, it looked like the swirly picture above.

By that time, the onions, leeks, and zucchini were soft, so the next step was to put them in a blender with some of the broth/juice and blend them up. I did that in batches.

To make the soup thicker, I put in some of the carrot pulp from the juicer. Also so I wouldn’t be as wasteful. It was really super orange cool looking pulp.

And then it was done. It tasted really good and felt really healthy. Well, except for the beans. I couldn’t eat those.

And that’s my lunch today too. See, I’m planning 🙂

Stacking the Odds in My Favor

Good morning!

First off, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest was soooo good. As I was reading, I kept getting more and more amazed, and at some points I was screaming “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!” I couldn’t stand the suspense! It was so good. Steig Larsson was such a good writer, it’s such a shame that he passed away. He’s the kind of writer where I would have read everything by him, if only he had more books published. I’m almost thinking of going to the Expo website and looking up some of his articles.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about how I’m going to approach losing weight and making a healthy lifestyle change and creating a whole slew of new habits. I decided to stack the odds in my favor by combining things that I know work for me from various books. Don’t worry, it’s all interconnected.

For example, Dr. Fuhrman’s approach is similar to Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet, and Jon Gabriel’s book talked a lot about visualizing what you want and I feel that adding that would take a crack at the emotional/psychological side. I think Jillian Michael’s book about metabolism has a lot of valuable info, and talks about how eating certain things will help speed up metabolism, and also how certain things will slow it down and you’ll be spinning your wheels. I’m certainly up for making this as easy as possible.


Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live – Nutritarian focus

  • A very good book. I really appreciate that he backs up everything he says with documented science.
  • Focuses on eating foods that have a higher nutrient to calorie, and nutrient to fiber density. He explains how this really will help a person live longer and be healthier.

Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet

  • Has good info about food combining.
  • I don’t like her recipes though (don’t make her salad dressings, too much vinegar and raw garlic)

Whole body detox kit

  • I’ll start with this and eat mostly salads while doing it. This will help because by supporting my body’s natural ability to detoxify (and if I focus on eating natural, organic, toxicity-free foods) it will be easier for my body to process and get rid of excess. It will also help me eat less because I will be able to absorb more nutrients from what I eat.

Jillian Michael’s “Master Your Metabolism” book

Brendan Brazier’s books (he’s a vegan, was a professional Ironman Triathlete on a 100% plant-based diet). Really good info on his website too.

Gluten-free – I don’t have celiac disease, but my body doesn’t like gluten

Vegan – my body doesn’t like dairy either (but I’m not lactose intolerant), and I’m just not drawn toward meat


Jon Gabriel’s visualization

Learn about emotional eating and figure out how to change this

Action Plan:

Drink at least 8 cups of water a day

Cut out all caffeine

Eat only whole, natural foods (nothing processed)

Exercise 5-6 times a week, at least 30 minutes each time

Don’t eat after 7pm

And I made mini-goals for myself–

200 – because this is a milestone

190.25 – 25% of my goal

168.5 – 50%, halfway there

146.75 – 75% there!

130 – almost there, and because this is a big deal

125 – GOAL

And rewards for when I lose a certain number of pounds…

10 – buy myself a Dwight (Garmin Forerunner) or similar

20 – new haircut and color, manicure, pedicure, and eyebrows waxed

30 – buy myself a CHI flat iron

40 – new work clothes

50 – get a massage and facial at Juut

60 – redecorate my apartment

70 – more new clothes 🙂

80 – take a vacation overseas to a place I’ve always wanted to go

I really like what someone said to me yesterday: “think of it as gaining health instead of losing weight. Think of all you will be gaining, and that might make it easier.” That subtle change really helps. It’s like that quote about never being defeated instead of always winning. Taking this approach will really help because every time I feel like having a snack because I’m bored, I can think about what I would gain by making a better choice, and I’m confident that the more I do this, the easier it will become.

I’ll start with this and eat mostly salads while doing it. This will help because by supporting the body’s natural ability to detoxify (and if I focus on eating organic, natural foods) it will be easier for my body to process and get rid of fat. It will also help me eat less because I will be able to absorb more nutrients from the food I eat.