It smells like winter

I walked out for a minute tonight and it smelled like winter for the first time. It’s a crispy cold, earthy, frosty, damp leaf kind of smell. It has been really windy here for the past two weeks, and it feels like change is coming.

Thank god I’m prepared!

I got a new winter coat, boots, and gloves.

Michael Kors!! Super great deal at Burlington Coat Factory. It has a hood, but you can't really see it in this photo

some hardcore gloves for scraping snow and ice off the car

and new boots! $40 from Costco. We'll see how they hold up.

It’s only a matter of time until winter, when you walk outside and it’s so cold the warmth in your body just DISAPPEARS. I don’t mind it, I just don’t like walking, driving, shopping, etc. in it. LOL